The Ultimate App Store Optimization (ASO) Checklist For a Guaranteed Success

The ultimate ASO checklist

Do you want your app to rank higher in the app store search results, improve its rankings and boost the downloads? You’re in the right place! Check out these simple steps that will lead you to success in no time. 

1. The Magic of Keywords

Keywords are essential to bring your app to the top of the search results. Take some time to do a thorough keyword research. Try out these amazing tools that will help you to come up with the best keyword ideas:

Remember also the importance of tags. Do not use word combinations and avoid word duplication. It’s recommended to use words divided by a comma without spaces to create more tags. For example: 

Instead of: url shortener, link shortener

Use: url,link,shortener

2. App Name

A great app name has a potential to skyrocket your search performance, conversion rates, and the viral potential. A successful name should be memorable, unique and descriptive of your company’s purpose. Remember – using keywords in your app name can result in up to a 10.3% increase in rankings. 

3. App Icon

A perfect icon can increase your downloads so create an app icon that is simple and eye-catchy. Avoid having text and small details, and don’t forget to make sure it looks great also when scaled down to the smallest size.

4. App Screenshots

Users are likely to judge your app based on the first screenshots they see, therefore place your strongest messages in the first screenshots. Use caption texts, highlight app’s features and benefits but avoid login, registrations, purchase forms, ads in your screenshots.

5. Preview Video

Preview videos can increase conversion rate in app downloads but remember that 80% of users stop watching video previews after 12 seconds. So keep it short and showcase your app’s benefits in the first few seconds.


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