6 Reasons Why Live Chat Can Optimize Your Customer Experience For Good

6 Reasons Why Live Chat Can Optimize Your Customer Experience For Good

Live chat holds the ability to improve your customer experience by offering support that makes your brand efficient, accessible, and approachable.

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Keeping the customers pleased with your service or product is not negotiable. If consumers are unhappy, they won’t only leave you but will also make sure that they don’t refer your services to anyone else and that can prove to be harmful to your business. According to HubSpot, the standard conversion rate for the basic marketing stack i.e., things like paid advertising, mass email, or forms, reaches only up to the 2% mark.

Consumer service is the backbone of any company, portraying a major role in establishing a sustainable consumer base as well as permitting companies to thrive. Although the technology for online chat has been in the market since the early 2000s, there are plenty of companies that have still not adopted this inevitable consumer service tool. Do not forget that when done right, live chat can keep clients coming back for more and can also help you win as well as onboard new clients. 

Below mentioned are the top 6 reasons why the platform of live chat can make the most of your consumer experience.

1. It is convenient for consumers

Did you know that 68% of customers leave businesses because they are unhappy with the kind of treatment they receive? One of the major reasons why live chat proves to be the best tool for customer experience optimization is because it permits consumers to multi-task. It is perhaps the best benefit since even if clients have a short wait, it allows them to keep doing something else meanwhile. 

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Live chat connects consumers quickly with an agent. You are not required to dial any number and then press multiple buttons before you get the chance to interact with an agent. Also, the interaction can be saved and it becomes convenient to guide customers through problems when their previous conversations can be used as a reference for the context. As there is negligible waiting time and the customer does not have to get stuck on hold for a long time, client queries are addressed on time. Moreover, the consumer gets a quick answer to his/her query and can resolve concerns in a single session as compared to emails that often need a long back and forth. 

2. You can extend omni-moment and omnichannel support

On average, loyal clients are worth a maximum of 10 times as much as their first purchase. When your consumers require help, they wish to reach out to you how and when it is comfortable for them. Businesses no longer have the benefit of forcing clients to call on their official numbers and interact with them during business hours. To achieve customer experience optimization, you should make yourself available on social media platforms, with messaging, as well as through your website. 

The problems customers encounter at specific moments usually influence how they contact you. If consumers require a quick update on their product tracking, they might send you a text. In case consumers are browsing the site and are not able to find a specific product, they might wish to talk to you for rapid assistance. These scenarios could take place within days or months, however, you must be aware of the fact that these requirements might change over time and according to what the clients should resolve. Using live chat for customer experience makes it comfortable for your consumer to interact with you and fulfill their unique moment of requirement which ultimately modifies the consumer experience. 

3. Live chat amplifies customer engagement

The speed, simplicity, and  approachability of live chat offer an extreme level of satisfaction and comfort to the customer. Also, dialing the toll-free number and navigating through the maze of numbers while waiting every time you press any button can, at times, discourage the consumer. On the other hand, when you utilize live chat for customer experience, the chat agents actively invite clients to ask for help, if needed. It drives consumer engagement as well as helps to establish long-lasting relationships with customers. 

While researching or shopping online, consumers generally do not get the exact level of satisfaction as they would when buying in person and that is why they usually give up in case they have questions or they face a problem. Customer Service Stats tell that 48% of clients who had the negative experience told about it to at least 10 others. 

There is no denying the fact that the services for live chat are assisting businesses to engage consumers in the most efficient manner possible. Needless to say, facing your customers like this provides better customer experience as well as will result in enhanced conversions. 

4. It saves your time

Through the assistance of some additional tools available with the live chat option, chat agents can understand the consumer-query with convenience and can solve their problems instantly. According to Harvard Business Review, 64% of consumers cited the shared values as the basic reason for a robust brand relationship. For example, with features such as real-time monitoring of the visitor, the agent can view the pages the a consumer is browsing as well as the page he/she is currently having a look at, with the client’s membership details. 

There is a reason why it is regarded as one of the major live chat benefits because all this data permits the agent to provide you with an extremely personalized solution, hence minimizing the requirement for the second conversation. Consumer service chat sessions help you save time in a lot of ways. Whenever you start a chat session, you won’t have to be on hold for hours like when you make a phone call. Yes, the chat session’s duration might be longer as compared to that of a normal phone call, the time spent talking to the business is far less than the time spent on a phone call. 

5. It offers higher customer satisfaction

In terms of service interaction, customers expect the best customer service efficiency and speed and the platform of live chat delivers exactly that. Moreover, 78% of consumers do not complete their intended transactions because of the poor experience. One of the most appreciable live chat benefits is that this platform results in content consumers and the reason is obvious i.e., clients like their queries answered rapidly. 

Through live chat, you will be offering the method of support that a lot of people prefer, assisting your customers more instantly as well as raising the consumer’s satisfaction. Out of all the consumer service channels, this platform proves to be one of the most effective resolution options for both customers and companies. 

To achieve higher customer satisfaction, you should seek the perfect balance between customer delight and agent productivity. Both are relevant, and there is the “sweet spot” that maximizes both of them. However, it is not the same spot for each company. Also, be prepared for mobile as the mobile revolution is here already, as well as the sessions of the mobile chat are assumed to be consistent in growth. 

6. Live chat establishes long-term relations

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Reaching out to the new consumers on their chat window is the happy surprise. It is a good foundation for any long relationship. In the beginning, consumers have plenty of queries in mind about the product. However, they don’t inevitably jump to the website asking the chat agents for assistance and this is where live chat comes into the picture as it helps in offering optimized customer support. An important fact to always keep in mind is that it takes more than 10 positive experiences to make up for a single unresolved negative experience.

Consumer frustration spikes quickly when they have to wait on companies to resolve problems. So, in case you wish to better your consumer relations, the best way of doing it is to make live chat support easily accessible to them. Using strong support strategies, you can solve problems on a case-by-case basis, without any hassle. The set up for live chat ensures that your consumers are covered throughout the multitude of access points. Not only does it provide value for consumers but they also feel that the business is there to offer them support and guide them through the product. 

As McKinsey stated, 70% of purchasing experiences depend upon how the consumer feels about the given treatment, it becomes imperative for your business to provide them with optimized customer support. Keeping your clients happy means a lot more than just continuously receiving their money. It also helps you to improve the business  , in turn, leads to them being content enough to invest their money into your business which creates a win-win situation for you. 

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