7 Powerful Onboarding Emails That Convert From “Triers” to “Buyers”

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Converting free trial users into paying customers is not an easy task. To increase the sign-up rate for your paid product or service, you need to create engaging experiences and provide real value during the free trial period. Here are 7 killer onboarding emails that will help you do just that.

1. The Welcome Email

More than 70% of consumers expect a welcome email immediately after subscribing. The welcome email is your first personal communication with the customer. Use this type of email to show your company’s personality and set future expectations. Choose a simple design, a conversational tone, and a single call-to-action (CTA) to make it more effective.

2. Introduce The Benefits

Next, you should encourage the new users to engage with your product. Introduce them to the best features and the main benefits. Create a CTA to move them from the email to your app or website.

3. The Reward Email

The purpose of this type of email is to reward users for good behavior. Acknowledge a milestone and encourage users to move on to the next step. Try using a positive copy and add micro CTA’s (e.g. “Follow on Twitter”, “Check out our blog”) to deepen your relationship.

4. The Social Proof

According to Cialdini’s Principles of Persuasion, when people are uncertain, they tend to look at their peers. Social proof emails will help you validate your product using testimonials, reviews, recommendations, ratings, etc.

5. The Check-up Email

Send this type of email if you notice that your subscribers are inactive. Try sending a friendly reminder to the new signees that haven’t tried your product or service yet. Add a single CTA and emphasize the benefits of your product in this email.

6. The Urgency Email

Creating a sense of urgency can effectively increase conversions. When a user is approaching the end of their free trial, send an email using smart copywriting strategies. Use phrases like “only 2 days left”, “your trial ends soon”, “upgrade now” to encourage users to take action.

7. The Last Chance

If your “triers” didn’t convert into “buyers” when the free trial expired, give them one more chance. Try sending out a survey to find out what their feedback, questions and suggestions are. Only because the free trial has ended, doesn’t meant that your emails have to stop too.

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Linda Vecvagare

Linda Vecvagare is a marketing expert at Mediaplans digital agency with 5 years of experience in the communications industry. She has a proven track record of creating and managing content to build relationships for organizations in the fields of technology, education, trade and services.

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