Control Every Aspect Between Your Content And Visitors

Increase product awareness and revenue by managing the rules of your traffic flow.

Use capsules to avoid traffic losses

Before you publish a link to your content online, secure it and capsulate the link. Capsules can be edited at any time to update your links so you never have to worry about losing traffic again. Whether your content is a video, blog, press release, media or ecommerce, Capsulink makes sure your visitors always get there.

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Convert dead end 404 pages into useful content

Instant notifications when broken 404 pages appear

Private and password secured capsules available

View analytics for each capsule

Customized capsules for brands and marketing

Direct content access from social networks

Automatic redirect to a backup link if primary link goes down

Redirected access to ecommerce content after fixing payment issue

Flexibility for Startups

Young startups tend to pivot and change names and layouts, sometimes up to several times, while making the perfect product. Keep your traffic flowing smoothly by modifying your capsules to reflect any changes and updates in order to save traffic, customers, and time.

Promotion tool for Creators

Bloggers, writers, and designers often promote their content that's hosted by cloud services. Access to these resources can be disrupted due to file movement or cloud settings, preventing access to visitors. Capsulink keeps your content open for everyone.

Marketing tool for Companies

Use Capsulink for custom domain names and increase brand awareness and loyalty. Utilize traffic analytics for each capsule for metrics, strategy, and growth.

Improved workflow for Developers

Use the Capsulink API to view and automate capsule administration to maintain content access. Skip the time-consuming development of extra functions.

Use Capsulink, and never fear ghost pages again!

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