What to do to avoid an SEO disaster when replatforming


Search engine optimization (SEO) has flourished into one of the prevalent buzzwords in the market for ecommerce business websites. A major concern to SEO practices is replatforming. Improved functionality, faster load times, additional control over the pages or whatever other reason for the replatforming, the new site is only helpful in generating sales if it is driving customer traffic. This article will guide you through the replatforming process to minimize the impact on SEO rankings.

Why is your SEO at risk?

Google and other search engines include the use of algorithms for ranking the page of websites. These algorithms integrate both the factors that are on-site and off-site. If there is a change on the website then there is a high probability that it will impact the rankings.

Checklist of pre-replatforming

One strategy will not serve every website. Structure of the website, present performance and goals are what strategies are based on. Since these factors differ from business to business, the strategies will have to be tweaked and customized accordingly. To-do list for pre-replatforming to minimize SEO impact while replatforming is as follows:

Before Migration


At the time of launch, it is important to follow the checklist and control the quality of the project.


Lastly, it is of the highest importance to ensure that the website is effectively monitored to ensure that the site is running in an efficient way.

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Linda Vecvagare

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