Top 6 Things To Check Off Your To-Do List For Successful Website Launch

Top 6 Things To Check Off Your To-Do List For Successful Website Launch

Launching a new website is an exciting process but before you share your hard work with the whole world don’t forget about thoroughly reviewing the website and testing its functionality. To ensure a desirable user experience for your visitors, make sure you pay attention to these essential aspects.

1. Take Care Of Your Links

It’s critical that when you share the link to your website it leads where it’s supposed to. By capsulating your links before posting them on social media or other outer sources, you can ensure your online presence, obliterate 404 errors and dead ends thus avoiding any traffic loss.

2. Check The Site Speed

Serving the content to your users as fast as you can should be your top priority as page load speed is one of Google ranking factors. Many useful tools as Google’s PageSpeed Insights will help you do the job.

3. Make The Site Multi-Device Ready

To ensure an excellent user experience, review your site on mobile devices and tablets. Make sure your new site is designed to be responsive as it can help you to generate more leads and succeed in Google algorithms as well.

4. SEO Optimize

Search engines take into account many signals – some that coincide with usability and site design, others that serve as signals of relevancy and ranking. Don’t forget to install an SEO plugin, set titles and taglines, optimize images, implement meta descriptions and create a sitemap.

5. Be Social

Make sure you have provided links to your social media profiles. Test the social sharing functionality and if you have feeds – ensure they are working.

6. Remember The Importance Of Analytics

It is crucial to benchmark and track how your new site is performing. Google Analytics will help you to not only gain valuable insights in page views and visitor demographics but also will serve as a way to tell Google about your new site. Other tools as SEMrush, Google Search Console,, Capsulink provide such insightful analytics as the keyword ranking, your site’s presence in Google Search and behavior of your visitors.


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