TOP 5 Ways How To Optimize For Voice Search

How to optimize for voice search

According to comScore, 40% of adults use voice search once a day. Moreover, Google voice search queries were up 35 fold in 2016 compared to 2008. This means that voice search optimization is crucial for marketers today. Luckily, it’s quite easy to optimize your website for voice search. Here are the main ways how you can improve your site’s rankings in no time.

1. Favor Long-tail Keywords

As voice searches mainly mean answering questions, you should avoid focusing on individual keywords. Instead, if you wish to optimize for voice search, try to address a specific question that your customers might ask. For instance, creating an FAQ page can be an effective and easy way to improve your voice search rankings.

2. Focus On Local Listings

Voice search is often used to gain information about places customers want to go. Thus, it’s essential to optimize your keywords for specific places, like “tapas restaurant Barcelona”.

3. Claim The Google My Business Listing

Sometimes users look for places “near me” and voice search then can refer to the user’s location to get results. This is why it’s crucial to claim your Google My Business listing. By doing that you will help Google to find out more about your business and increase chances of showing up when a voice search is done.

4. Explore Your Analytics

Use Google Analytics, audience statistics provided by Capsulink and other analytics tools to explore how people end up on your site. This will help you to think of long-tail keywords to use and eventually improve your rankings.

5. Be Mobile

Voice search is mainly used on mobile. Therefore, if customers click on your website in search results and see that it’s not optimized for mobile, they’ll most likely will head back to look for another solution. Not being mobile friendly can hurt your ranking and increase bounce rate. So, if you’re aim is to optimize for voice search, improving mobile user experience is a must.

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