Kick-Start Your 2019 With The Top 5 Social Media Marketing Trends

Social Media Marketing Trends

Keeping up with social media trends is an important task for any business in 2019. But keeping up with all the changes and what’s new is a lot of work. Here is a list of top social media trends that will help you stay ahead of the game.

1. Real-time Communication

When all three giants of social media (Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook) work towards the same product or feature, you know they are onto something. And that something this time is reducing communication lag to the minimum by introducing real-time communication features like stories and live videos.

2. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been around for a while already and the market is adjusting itself and brands and business are looking for how to get the most value for their invested dollar. It appears that with popularity influencer marketing has gained the prices have gone up. That’s why a lot of small and medium-sized businesses have moved to micro-influencers that are cheaper, yet effective when it comes to increasing brand awareness. Moreover, as it seems, they can manage to accumulate more sales per follower than the big influencers.

3. Engagement

Facebook seems to be the first-comer with improved algorithm, that benefits genuinely engaging content while cutting out the engagement baiting content that asks to follow and like to participate in a giveaway. The value of numbers are drifting from follower count to real engaging audience.

4. Social Media For Sales

Social media has turned into an open marketplace over the last couple of years. It would appear that good social media content has taken over any online catalogue or a website. It’s the convenience of finding the t-shirt you want among your friend’s vacation pictures. It’s a great opportunity for businesses to provide content users are looking for in the form they prefer.

5. Personalization

Automation and generic messages are so common these days people just tend to ignore them. Remind your followers that there is a group of motivated people working behind that brand name, engage with your followers and show them you care! There is no better way to increase engagement than to engage yourself.

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Linda Vecvagare

Linda Vecvagare is a marketing expert at Mediaplans digital agency with 5 years of experience in the communications industry. She has a proven track record of creating and managing content to build relationships for organizations in the fields of technology, education, trade and services.

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