5 Steps To Shoot Perfect Christmas Themed Product Photos

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Christmas is one of the most beloved holiday seasons. It’s the time of forgiveness and togetherness, but holidays can also be good business. It’s been proven that product photo is the determining factor in making an online purchase. If you’re not confident about your product photos, you might be missing out on sales. These 5 steps will help you take the perfect product photos for the Christmas season!

1. Pick Up a Camera

If you don’t have the gear of a professional photographer, it’s not a problem. Smartphones have amazing inbuilt cameras that are going to fill the shoe just fine.

2. Put Together a Set

An all-white set is completely doable with simple things like white paper, tape and an LED light. However, you can always make great product photos using a custom set with blankets, objects and items in the background and other accessories.

3. Add a Touch Christmas

Nothing sets Christmassy mood like Christmas lights do! If they are still in the box, it’s time to take them out. If they are out already – borrow them for 30 minutes from the Christmas tree. Woollen socks and mittens, Santa’s hat, steaming cocoa, Christmas tree decorations and even Santa’s beard can be great additions for your seasonal winter product shoot!

4. Consider Using Tripod

Tripod’s great for shooting multiple products on a relevant scale. It will also keep you from taking blurry photos. If you don’t have a tripod you can always improvise – use a chair, hold your breath or meditate before the shoot.

5. Retouch the Photos

There is plenty of free photo editing software. Typical adjustments are exposure levels, contrast, adding blur to the background and improving colours.

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