3 Powerful Ways to Use Video to Build Your Brand

3 Powerful Ways to Use Video to Build Your Brand
Content Aug 29, 2018

In today’s oversaturated market, companies need to take advantage of all available channels to raise their brand awareness and get their name out there. You’re probably already leveraging this process in all the right ways: email campaigns, social media presence, promotional products… But did you know that there is an up-and-coming tool that, despite already being well-known for its unparalleled effectiveness, many people fail to fully utilize? Of course, we are talking about videos, as they are arguably the most powerful marketing tool right now, and they will only continue to grow in relevance in the following years.

By 2019, it is predicted that videos will account for 80% of global consumer internet traffic, meaning that anyone who still doesn’t feel the need to implement this medium into their campaigns is probably wrong. Most of the businesses that already use video marketing turn to it to yield a good ROI, and will continue to invest more in it in the future, which means that you should too. Here are a couple of ways in which you can use video to build your brand.

Content and quality speak of your brand

Above all, you should always make sure that your video content reflects not only your customers’ interests but also your brand values, and that it has something unique that makes it recognizable. Does it suit your image to create humorous videos? Or would strong imagery be a better fit? Do you perhaps want to aim for evoking an emotional reaction by using clever metaphors? Think about the message you want to convey and your overall values, and try to find your style. Music is a powerful tool too. Choose a tune that will make you happy for being associated with you. This all helps you strengthen your brand identity and soon, people on social media will recognize you immediately just by your videos.

The length of your videos is also of crucial importance. Statistics most often report that half of the viewers prefer one-minute videos, while videos up to two minutes are a close second. These short videos need to be attention-grabbing, high-quality and informative, all in that small timeframe. If you really want your brand to be associated with professionalism, you should consider outsourcing this task to experienced companies such as 1 Minute Media who have produced countless amazing short videos.

Being informative is invaluable

Not all types of videos are created equal when it comes to their effectiveness. While introduction videos and video ads are necessary, they won’t keep you afloat forever. Just like with content marketing, you need to create informative videos that will provide something of value to your existing and potential customers. Product demos and tutorials are amazing tools to generate traffic and even leads – after all, 84% of consumers say they are convinced to buy a product after watching a brand video. Equipping your website with quality explainer videos and your blog posts with useful tutorials will make your customers choose your product over another that has a poor visual presence on the internet. You will create a reliable image for your brand, people will know you as the one they can turn to when they have questions they need answers to, and they will certainly share your videos with their friends, expanding your reach.

Sharing the voice of your customers

One thing that is even more powerful than tutorials is customer reviews and testimonials. Peer reviews are one of the most (if not the most) impactful factors in influencing the decision of your customers to purchase your product. So, take an active role in this and encourage your customers to review your products which you can share later. You can also offer an incentive (such as a coupon or a discount code) to those who review your product to generate more engagement. Displaying video testimonials on your page is also a powerful tool. These videos speak volumes about your company, as they are more believable than mere text. Introducing this feature will position your brand as competent and reliable.

Investing in this kind of marketing is becoming a necessity in today’s world. However, videos will do much more for you than just increase your brand awareness – they will influence many factors, ultimately increasing your profit, so it’s more than worth exploring this option.

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Leila Dorari

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