The Most Crucial Recent Digital Marketing Statistics You Can’t Ignore

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Digital marketing is a constantly changing field and sometimes it might be difficult to keep up with the latest industry standards and trends. Following current marketing statistics is a great way to keep ‘up-to-speed’. Here are 5 recent digital marketing stats you must be aware of.

Increasing Use of Voice Search

The age of voice search is here and 60% of people have started using voice search in the last year. That means it’s time to optimize your website for voice search to increase your rankings and attract more customers.

Social Media Is Considered The Most Popular Content Marketing Tactic

Research shows that 90% of B2C businesses name social media as the most popular content marketing tactic. This means that brands realise that social media is much more than a quick fix to gain instant marketing results. Thus, it’s crucial to carefully consider which networks to use, what content to publish and how to reach the right people. The most used content marketing tactics are pictures and photos (87%), eNewsletters (83%), videos (82%) and website articles (81%).

Online Ad Revenue Has Increased Significantly

Online ad revenue has grown by $10.5 Billion year over year during the third quarter of 2017. The research explored 13 companies’ ad sales including Google and Facebook and revealed that together with Alibaba, the three companies control 75% of the world’s online ad market. This means it’s getting more difficult for publishers to boost revenue, as well as for brands to differentiate advertising options.

Videos Will Make The Most of World’s Internet Traffic

By 2019, 80% of world’s internet traffic will be video. People engage with videos because they are entertaining and easily understandable. Meanwhile, brands appreciate this form of content due to the significant increase in conversions it can provide. In the US, video is predicted to account for 85% of all internet traffic by 2019. This means that now is the best time to start implementing quality video content in your strategy and take advantage of the benefits video content can bring.

Increasing “Near me” Searches

Google “near me” searches have increased by 2 times which means that consumers are increasingly looking for location-based information. In fact, 72% of customers who did a local search, visited a store near them. Thus, you should be implementing local SEO tactics right now, if you wish to stay competitive and increase your store visits.

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