4 Visual Search Engines That Are Taking Business To The Next Level

4 Visual Search Engines That Are Taking Business To The Next Level

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Scientists and computer engineers have been struggling to recreate the human visual search in machines to further develop the ever increasing AI presence. It is opening new opportunities for marketers and it can benefit your business too. Brands like ASOS, Pinterest, Bing and other early adapters prove that the efforts put in the development are absolutely worth it. It shows that visual search has incredible potential to facilitate finding and learning more about a specific product for a consumer. How AI-Powered Content Marketing Will Improve Your BusinessOn top of that, it also covers the field of brands providing the content that’s relevant to the user. While the service is not quite yet finalized, these 4 industry leaders offer what makes a business a 21st century worthy business:


Surprise! The have-it-all visual search engine is Google. It not only will find related images to the one you uploaded, but it will also provide relevant information about the images as most of the content is tied to articles and blog posts. The criteria narrowing will make sure you find what you are looking for in the neverending pool of the content Google is swimming in.


While it might seem Yahoo has drifted into a complete shadow of Google, the visual search service it provides might make you wonder why. The engine works great and the content base is great. You can narrow it all down to find images that are safe to use for your own content. It does everything, and it does everything up to the benchmarks!


Provides simplicity and is very user-friendly. Requires an image upload or a link to an image. After analysing the image for a couple of seconds, the archive of billions of images gets shortlisted to find what you are looking for. It also gives you the sources to let you know where the image comes from. TinEye is not here to show off fancy moves, but to provide the visual search at its simplest form.


What makes Picsearch different from others is the Advanced Search feature. Using the feature, you have the ability to narrow down the search results based on color, image type, size and orientation. While it is a little more complex of a process, it can dig up the exact specific content you were looking for.

While it is evident that the biggest beneficiaries of visual search will be retailers and visual content providers, being aware of such opportunities is what makes the business gears grind and keeps the innovation flowing.

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