What can we help you with today?

Our support team is here to help with any questions or feedback you have while using Capsulink. Take a look below for answers to commonly asked questions.

Getting Started

What is Capsulink?

Capsulink is a URL shortener that provides built-in functionality for short links.

Why use short links?

Short links allow for more control over traffic by monitoring stats, link viability, and redirection. Short links are easier to work with when sharing and posting links.

I'm not in marketing, is Capsulink useful to me?

Absolutely! Anyone posting content online can benefit from learning more about the traffic visiting their content. Designers, bloggers, businesses, and startups all use Capsulink to get the results they want from their content.

Capsulink Account

How do I get an account?

You can get a Capsulink account and capsules by signing up here. It's free to signup.

How much experience do I need to use Capsulink?

No experience required! Simply put your links into a capsule and we'll take care of the rest. Capsulink is easy to use, and our support team is here to help you.

What are your data security and privacy policies?

We take data security and privacy very seriously. Capsulink servers keeps all user data and information secure. Capsulink users can further secure their data with password-protected capsules.


What are capsules?

Capsules hold your short links and gives them dynamic features. Capsules can be posted where regular links are posted.

How are capsules different from other short links?

Capsules provide more functionality than regular short links. Capsules have traffic stats, link monitoring, built-in backup links, custom domain branding, and more.

How do I make a capsule?

Sign up for an account here. Then go to your capsule page and click "Capsulate a link," place your full URL link into the field and click "Capsulate." Your link is now a short link inside a capsule. Your new capsule will appear on your capsules page where you can control capsule traffic.

My content moved and my capsule now points to a dead end (404) page. How can I change my capsule?

You can edit your capsule short links on your capsules page. Redirection edit is a Pro feature available to Capsulink Pro accounts.

Pro Account

What is Capsulink Pro?

A Capsulink Pro account has capsules equipped with every available feature.

What extra features come with a Pro account?

Capsulink Pro capsules have redirection edits, branded domains, instant broken link notifications and advanced traffic analytics. Pro features that are coming soon include automatic link backups and custom domain branded capsules.

How much is Capsulink Pro?

A pro account is just $24 for one year (12 months).

How can I pay for Capsulink?

We accept PayPal payments.

Can I try Capsulink Pro before I buy?

Yes, we offer a free 14-day trial. No credit card is required to sign up.

How do I upgrade my account to Capsulink Pro?

Click here to upgrade your account. You'll get every feature available for your capsules once you sign up.

What happens to my capsules if I downgrade?

If you choose to end your Capsulink Pro account, your capsules will no longer have pro features. Your capsule traffic stats will not be affected.

Can I cancel my Capsulink Pro account?

Yes, just email us at [email protected] and let us know you wish to cancel.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds as detailed in our Terms of Service.

Do you offer non-profit and educational discounts?

Absolutely! We love to support nonprofits and academic institutions. If you’re interested in learning more, and to find out if you're eligible, please contact us at [email protected].

How do I set up a custom domain?

First you need to purchase a domain from a registrar like domainr. Once you've selected your domain, you need to set it up to work with your Capsulink account. You must have a Capsulink Pro or Business account to use the custom domain feature.

After you've purchased a custom domain and upgraded your Capsulink account, you can now set up your custom link to work with Capsulink.

First, go to your registrar where you bought your domain and log into the user panel. Select the custom domain from your domain list. Inside the DNS configuration settings, you'll be able to add or edit the A record for your domain; set this to IP address

It can take up to 72 hours for the new A record to take effect. When you can see your custom domain from your Capsulink account, then you've successfully configured your custom domain! You are now ready to start creating your custom branded short links.

I have a question not listed here, where can I find the answer?

Contact us for a quick response to your questions.